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My tenants returned 9 out of 11 keys on Saturday. They sub-letted and must have copied an additional bunch (we'll never be sure of how many keys there are now!), but we have changed the locks today.

At midday today my father and wife were working on the property to correct all the damage they had done. To my wife surprise one of the tenants opened the door and entered the property. My wife put her hand out and asked for the keys and what she was doing entering the property. The tenant nervously returned the keys, and said she only came to see if there was any mail. My father then appeared and told her to re-direct all her mail.

I reported the incident to police 101 for records in case anything gets out of hand in the future. The police told me it is a civil dispute (not a criminal offence as the laws on criminal offence are shades of grey. I've got a reference number from the police of the log.

I will write to the tenant summarising the incident and instructing her not to enter the property. is there anything else I ought to do?

22/10/2013 20:11

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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