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Hi, I had three court hearing with Estate agent. 1.My tenant casued so much damaged in my property and the tenant never raise the dispute after three months the deposit money should be pass to landlord. The agent was act on my behalf and they refused to hand me over the deposit money to me after three months. I had to take the agent to court and then the Judge has awarded me the whole of the deposit money. 2. They carried out repairs without letting me known that the washing machine broken down. 3. They refused to end my contract with them and they took 1 months rent money.

You never guess what the Estate Agent got ad outside they window saying letting award winner 2012-2013. I had three court hearing with this agent I can't understand why they have been awarded best letting agent 2012-2013 those were the years of my three court hearing with them.

My question is, who put those ad outside the window? Shouldn't it show on their record that the landlord has taking this estate agent to court?
25/10/2013 11:14

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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