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I have just refurbished a HMO house and replastered all rooms along with providing a damp proof course.

One room (downstairs front) has a condensation problem with mould growing on walls (no other room has any issues). i have killed the mould with 99.9% bacterial spray but its been spreading. Called the initial guy who did the damp proof injection and he says its condensation and not a damp problem.

I have now tried the followng preventative measures:

1. dug up old patio at front of house to create a gap between patio and front bay wall - ensuring no water goes up the front outsude wall which is where the mould is most noticable.
2. put in pea shingles for approx 60cm from front wall and patio / drive.
3. painted the front wall with waterproofer.
4. cleared out all gutters and provided a new area for water to drain away from the house.
5. sprayed room with anti bacterial mould growth spray. wiped down all walls
6. purchased a dehumidifier and provided to tenant.
7. explained several times to tenant to open windows and not to dry clothes in the room. rooms are still not opened.
8. tenant went away last weekend - left all windows closed (not even slightly open with lock), left heat off and dehumidifier off also.
9. I have now painted the room with anti fungicidal paint ( 2 coats)
10. how should i address this issue.

At point 6 above the tenant has now notified me that there is mould on handbag costing 400 and on shoes and on some small soft furbishing items which i have seen. she now wants to put a claim in.

she has said the room is not fit for purpose and i have explained if thats the case then she has to vacate the room at which point she says she wishes to stay in the room and likes the house and gets on well with other tenants.

i have now requested a free damp proof survey to identify where the problems rests.

What should i do with the tennat and potential future claim issues?? whats ths best way to mitigate any loss. I would like to be a considerate landlord and am trying to take all preventative measures. whould i be keeping a daily log of windows opening etc.

PS i live only a couple minute walk from the property.

Many thanks for your advice in advance!
04/11/2013 17:40

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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