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My tenants moved into the property just about 6 months ago, and are not comfortable with Teenagers making noise on street. The AST had the 6 months termination clause which they have used. To be fair, situation is difficult for them as these teenagers are using the off-street parking of the house, in short gathering inside the boundry of the house!

Tenants have reported the issue to myself - I made several visits but couldn't find these teenagers. They reported the incident to the police several time, but police don't seem interested as teenagers have not done any damage.

I do not want to lose the tenants as they are good, have offere my help in whichever way I can, including getting a reference from police the next time they report the issue, and then I can speak with the police on same reference and find out why they are not dong something about it. I even offered putting Off-street parking gate etc, but tenants have already started looking - I have received request for Landlord reference for their next accomodation.

I would like to know if;
- It there anything tenants are legally bound to - reason that I can stop them from moving? Or at least ask them to pay/share the cost of finding new tenant?
- Is there anything I should have done to help my tenants? I live 3 miles away but have been coming around whenever I was told the teenagers are causing problems
- Should I be taking action against Police or the Council because it will be costing me money because they didn't deal with these teenagers?
- Any other advice?

Many thanks,

Farhan Ahmad
07740 302 786
16/11/2013 08:22

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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