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Messy Driveway

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Hi, I wonder if I could get some advice. I've been asked by my tenant to come and have a look at the drive as is very messy. The drive has flagged two lines for two/three cars to park behind each other and on the sides and in the middle has grass area.It was rented in June so no problem till now. To my terror when I looked at the current state of it there is a mud everywhere, tenant has been driving on the grass, cutting corners at the bottom of the drive, and with lots of rain that we've had she created lots of mud and cracked about 5 flags.

I know that as a landlord I am responsible for the maintenance of the property, but am I able to claim from tenant any/part of costs due to her not letting me know straight away about any problems, damaging the flags (which were fine on moving in day) and basicaly not taking care of looking after the front of the house. I had some quotes to redo the drive - relay the flags and dig the mud and basicaly sort the drive out,- which came nearly to the value of 3 mths rent!
Will I be able to increase the rent due to high maintenance costs?

Thank you
27/11/2013 13:20

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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