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The tenant upstairs flat are making a lot of noise, they sons play loud music and play the piano and singe during the day. When they have they visit they speak loud and throw cigarettes ash onto my front garden and also on my windows seal. Also they have be carried out work without letting the landlord knowing putting new wooded flooring, carpet, new bath,they have been doing a lot of banging upstairs. I blame the Landlord upstairs because it has been two years since they have not carry out property inspection and they don't care what they tenant get up to.

I told them off and they have stop throw cigarettes out they windows and onto my front garden. But they still are singe and play the piano.

I have new tenant now and I am getting good rent money. I am getting worried now because the tenant is going to have baby in January. The tenant told me that the tenant upstairs are making a lot of noise and I am worried about if I and the baby are going to get any sleep after the baby is born. I told the tenant knock on they door and tell them to keep the noise down and if that does not work they I shall speak to that landlord upstairs.

My question is what happen if the tenant upstairs still make a lot of noise, is it my job to complain to the council or my tenant?
07/12/2013 18:35

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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