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hi all im hoping you can help
my tenant has given notice and moved out although she her tenancy doesnt officially end for another week, she owes me over 1500 in rental arrears and ive just started a small claim against her
Ive been around the property and all the carpets need cleaning as shes had a dog which was against the tenancy agreement, shes made several alterations that i hadnt authorised including removing a shower and changing the shower cubicle to a storage cupboard,removing furniture and believe it or not concreting over the flower borders in the garden and Im assuming her deposit wont cover all of that so she wont be getting it back but heres my problem
I used an agent to find the tenant and do all the initial stuff for me as she was my first tenant, this is my old family home and i needed to rent something bigger for myself so I could foster. I trusted she had done everything properly and after the first year I took over collecting the rent etc but it seems she never protected the deposit and I was too green to know it needed doing. so what happens now? if i say she cant have it back and she disputes it do i have a leg to stand on? do i register the deposit now? Im just stressing that as well as being 1500 out of pocket already I might have to pay her the deposit back too and living off fostering allowance doesnt make me a wealthy lady

thanks in advance for any advice
13/12/2013 19:12

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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