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I need some advice on what to do on a property that we own.

The property is a coach house with two houses either side. The two houses have a garage at the rear of the property as well as a parking space which is directly in line with their garage. These garages have a peppercorn lease which they should pay to us (which we donít enforce). There is one parking space and the garage for each of these houses. There are two car parking spaces for our property in the centre. Since we purchased the property the neighbours either side have parked at least three cars either side which has left either one space or sometimes no spaces. Our new tenants who moved in just under one month ago contacted us to inform us that they have been unable to park. We bought and emailed the land registry documents to show the parking arrangements to the tenants, who then showed them to both neighbours. Both neighbours informed them that these were incorrect but never showed their copies. We then got all the deeds and drawings and lease agreement for the garages that we were given from our solicitor together, which clearly showed we have two parking spaces and the neighbours have one and the garage. We sent a letter and copies of these to the neighbours informing them that we did not mind how they parked but that should allow our tenants to be able to park two cars in their/ our spaces. The neighbours have ignored this and continue to park in all the spaces so our tenants are having to park in the street down the road.

What is our next step? Are we legally able to mark the parking bays? How can we enforce this?
I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help.
16/12/2013 11:56

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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