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Have a problem tenant who received letter from TV licencing people.
She has no tv but has own Internet in bedsit with own AST sharing shower and toilet with others.

She says because she did not respond to first letter from them they sent her another with a hearing date.She phoned them telling them she had no tv only Internet.Their response is you need tv licence for that.

She then went on saying it was landlords responsibility to pay for the tv licence and also to provide Internet for her in the price of the rent.
I told her No and she went hysterical going on aboutb10 things in one sentencebincludingnthe bathroom never been clean.I actually clean once a week and have to put ONE SHOT downbasvnobody else ever cleans.

I told her to explain she does not have a tv and to write to them with this info.I also said Gobto the post office to see someone face to face who can advise you.

I explained that our contract is thevAST and addendum which she was not forced to sign and if she was not happy the first 6 months she should not have asked for another 6 months,finishes end of April. Ours contract is rla one with our addendum saying we do not provide or have responsibility for TV or Internet and that if tenant has tv must have tv licence.This protects us

Has anyone else heard of this tv licence for Internet which is not used for live tv as I am sure I have not heard the last from this troublesome person trying to get me to pay for her bills.?We already pay huge HMO licencing bill,council tax and water rates and many other annual safety checks.
04/01/2014 19:37

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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