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Myself and my wife have a property that we are inspecting on 15th Jan. The property has been managed by a letting agent for the last 3yrs and upon a recent visit to do with a washing machine I noticed the property wasn't being maintained as in general hygiene side of things - black mould on silicone around sink in kitchen and around bath / tenants haven't been airing the property so drying cloths on radiators but keeping windows closed resulting in mould growth on walls / putting up shelves and pictures onto walls which we didn't know about and according to our tenancy agreement they need permission.

We appreciate the tenants can live as they wish but if the property falls neglected due to general non cleaning and following the tenancy agreement who would be responsible for paying for these corrections? We appreciate any general wear and tear as in the odd mark on flooring, walls etc is acceptable but if we have to correct areas that have been neglected and don't fall under wear and tear where do we stand?.

The agent has failed we feel in keeping inline the tenants and all reports we have had to date on quarterly inspections say the property in clean and tidy!

Any views/steer would be appreciated as these tenants could be leaving end of Feb so we need to get an understanding of where we stand. We feel that the cost of repairing neglected areas would fall with the tenant as these would have been avoided if they cleaned and followed the agreement.


13/01/2014 10:37

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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