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Work done & contract signed without my knowledge

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I received a letter from my letting agent informing me they had found tenants from my property and that the increased rental amount was subject to completion of maintenance work and that they had instructed their contractors to begin work.

The problem is they hadn't notified me that the old tenant had given notice, had they done so I would have told them that I was thinking about selling the property at the end of the current tenancy.

They have already signed a contract on my behalf with the new tenants and agreed a moving date of 3rd February

They want to charge me approximately 3000 for the work they've done which seems vastly overpriced (550 for a 12ft by 12ft carpet as an example).

I have no written contract with them, they have managed one property for me for a number of years and had previously managed this property before I took over it myself following a spate of poor admin. They had found the previous tenant for this property and had been taking commission on the rent.

They claim they had tried to contact me. I usually receive letters often duplicated in emails but until the letter regarding new tenants my last contact was a letter in November telling me some cracks had appeared and needed repair after which I rang the office and said that was Ok.

They are now claiming they were unable to contact me but there have been no letters, no emails and no messages left on my answer phone. They are quoting an advisory message on my answerphone but that was on it before the letter about the cracks!

Where do I stand? They have acted without authority and I am not happy about a new tenancy or having to pay for repairs and work that were unauthorised which I could have organised a family member to do or reduced the sale price accordingly.
14/01/2014 21:26

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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