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abandonment of property

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Elle bee
Elle bee
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Tenant fallen over 2 months in arrears and we did serve Sect 21 notice with plan to go through small claims court to get arrears of rent from her. Have been checking property regularly and following that trying to contact her again by text, email, letter etc to no avail and after not having gas safety check done as planned have decided to visit property. Were able to gain access from rear garden and could see that bedroom window open and looking through kitchen window could see no sign of life and fridge and table and chairs gone. Knocked but no reply so have entered to mound of post and clear abandonment as no furniture, clothes, food, beds etc. Neighbour said he thinks moved out 10 days ago. Plan is to go in and redecorate and clean up and put back on market, put notice of abandonment on doo and then change locks . Do I now need to serve more notices and if so what before I remarket property? She was getting some housing benefit but there were problems which is why she stopped paying rent but obviously housing wont tell me very much. Not sure what we can do, anyone any advice here. Thanks
29/01/2014 10:31

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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