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HI I wonder if I could have some advice concerning my tenants. They moved in 27/09/13. Since moving in they are always paying rent late.I have been in contact with my letting agent who stated in Oct 13 bad news they are struggling to pay their rent can they pay it on the 30th of every month. I didn't agree to this but stated that the letting agency left me little choice. The tenants have now moved the goal post again and are paying letting agent 1st of every month. Am I getting this out of perspective??? should they not be paying me on the 27th of every month as per their tenancy agreement. (which states they should be paying the agent the 23rd of every month).In the meantime they have some central heating issues over Christmas. (they tried to stay at a hotel and charge it to me but was told no) They were without central heating for 2 days but secondary heating was provided for. I now understand that they want me to pay for the electric that was used by not have central heating!!!can't seem to win. Can they do this. the tenant is a chartered surveyor and does this for a living. We have tried to be reasonable by asking tenant to complete an addendum for the period 27/12/12-02/01/13.Tenant has refused to sign.
To add insult when property inspection was done agent did not act on my behalf. Tenant was telling him all that was wrong. Broken kitchen unit, draw that came off in their hands (been repaired) Gas cooker handled broken before I could anything the glass in the oven imploded causing me to have to buy a new cooker. (blind broken n the bathroom) On inspection tenant not happy that I pointed out that they have put nails in wall without permission in writing. Pictures on wall in lounge hall and upstairs. Don't get me wrong I know a house has to be lived in but these tenants take the biscuit. Legally can I do anything , as tenant has refused to sign addendum I am sorry this is so lengthy but I need to know where I stand. P.S. Inventory done 27/09/13 everything in perfect working order. Letting agents have let me down and have not acted on my behalf. I just want them to leave. tenant stated legally I should not be at inspection...
08/02/2014 14:44

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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