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Have good tenant couple who were given 2 good wooden dining chairs at beginning of tenancy.

After 6 months they broke one of these through misuse,not wear and tear. The male tends to lean back and probably falls off.t They mentioned it to me and were going to replace.As I was already shopping the next day I bought a better pine chair second hand so I took it to them,said no charge this time and I will dispose of broken one at the recycling centre.

Two months pass and they have broken another of the original wooden chairs,I noticed it when they were away and they gave me permission to put their curtain inside the room,it was caught in the window.

This time I left a note saying its your turn to replace and dispose of broken/unsafe chair.

Over 6 months have gone by and they are still using this chair with sharp broken bits hanging off it.
I sent them a text saying your gas safe went well,but you need to replace the broken/dangerous chair.
They replied by saying they were in the future going to replace but had no money at present.

I can wait until late Summer when they move out,but my worry is it is unsafe and what happens if they have an accident.
Can I force them to dispose of it?

Any thoughts on this type of situation welcomed.

Having said all this they are good tenants.
17/02/2014 15:28

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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