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Hi everyone

I'm having problems with a tenant 3 months into her contract.
rent has never been paid on time and this month she not paid anything says not paying due to the repairs needing done which are new front door which theres nothing wrong with but I said I'd put a new one on this year obviously if someones boiler goes off I need to attend to that first,we put a new wall unit up only to find I couldn't get a match to others which are perfectly fine so I said I'd replace the lot again,change bathroom taps again nothing wrong with them but had just spent nearly 3k on prop refurbing it so thought I'd just renew them.
I took her on as she really hated the place she's at just goes to show how little they appreciate us.

She eventually txt me tday saying she's in hospital and social services are helping in her recovery and agree with her with the repairs.

My question is are smoke alarms compulsory as she's trying to pin this on me even though I do usually put these in I find tenants rip them off the ceiling when battery bleeps so I suggested to her to ring the fire brigade and they will fit them she agreed but didn't bother, I have read that this is not compulsory and just need someone to confirm this to me
also she said socket was faulty in kitchen even though its been difficuilt to contact her she reckons today in her txt that she informed me of it had flames which she clearly didn't,i do have an electrician going round tomorrow if she'll let him in.

I don't want to deal with this tenant any longer so will also need advise on who to take over my troubles.

05/03/2014 21:49

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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