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Deposit Protection Service - gone mad??

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Ian Cognito
Ian Cognito
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My tenant deposits are held in the DPS custodial scheme. Once a deposit is registered, I provide the tenant with prescribed information as per the DPS template.

There is a section "name, address and contact details of the Tenant" which I have always felt a bit unsure about; specifically regarding what tenant address I should provide. In the past, I have used a previous address, a family address, or a work address depending on what I honestly believed would be most useful should the tenant need to be contacted via an alternative address to the current rental property.

Having recently registered a deposit on-line with DPS, I thought it prudent to check that I was doing everything by the book, just in case my common-sense approach was not in keeping with the requirements of the scheme. Accordingly, I phoned DPS.

The Customer Service Advisor consulted his supervisor and, to my amazement, explained that the template was simply provided for assistance but that, as Prescribed Information is a legal requirement and DPS are not able to offer legal advice, he could not answer my question!

After having fallen off my chair, picked myself up and brushed myself down, I asked who might be in a better position than DPS to answer my simple question about complying with their tenancy deposit scheme.

Citizens Advice Bureau or Shelter was the (unhelpful) suggestion.

I have tried phoning both but, unsurprisingly, been put on hold and waited, and waited...........

Perhaps RLA can answer my initial question and provide comment on the stance taken by DPS.

07/03/2014 15:43

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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