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I am member of a facebook forum where the question was posed - "Why won't Landlords take pets?". I gave as brief explanation with examples from my own experience. As any form of deposit needs to be protected and payment for damages requires inventories, proof of damage, single claim action, Statutory declaration etc etc, most Landlords are loath to take on pets because of the risk of damage and also lost rents during de-flea / fumigation process - which is a shame, as there are plenty of responsible pet owners out there desperate for accommodation which accepts pets. We all know that having prior agreement from a tenant that any damage done will be repaired is pointless and increasing the deposit amount to cover this risk, may make the property un-affordable to many prospective tenants. Is there a viable work-around that anyone knows of?? Many Landlords would be glad to take pets but for the financial risk to their business and if a work-around was available, this would be equally beneficial to Landlords and tenants alike.
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21/04/2014 07:20

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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