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I am about to take on a couple as tenants. The husband initially bragged that he was going to pay five months rent in advance in cash. I told him I do not do cash deals and do not want five months rent in advance.

The agent told me both of them work.Now that I have agreed to take them on, the agent tells me the man is unemployed and the wife earns 30000k per annum. I insisted on doing my own credit checks through the RLA as I do not trust the agent to do the checks. The agent is now trying to convince me to reference only the wife for the rent guarantee scheme.

I have not yet discussed with the agent about who's name will be on the tenancy agreement as this happened over this weekend, and I am wary of just having the wife's name on it as I do not know how I can deal with the husband should there be a problem. Can he claim squatters right should the need arise to evict them?

My gut feeling tells me not to take them on. I am being unduly fussy or shall I go by my instinct?
27/04/2014 08:21

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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