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Prior to our tenant given notice we attended our property for a landlord inspection and wrote to our tenant listing the areas whic need attention (following the discovery of damage, soiled areas etc).
Following our visit, our tenant has give notice to move out and has now written that he/she intents to withhold the rent(which is due tomorrow) as 'insurance' as he/she disagrees that a snapped sink, cut down tree etc.does not amount to damage -stating that it is 'wear and tear'?
He/she wrote stating that she intents to withhold the rent which is due on the 30/04/14 as 'insurance' in case he/she is informed that he/she will not receive her full deposit back when he/she moves out.
I have informed our tenant that these are two separate matters and that I would class this as rent arrears (and would charge them as such at the daily rate set out in the contract). The inspection I conducted earlier had nothing to do with the one I will conduct at the end of the tenancy. At which point he/she would have to go through the TDS if there was any disagreement.
Any ideas/input as to where we stand now or anything we would need to do?
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29/04/2014 22:51

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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