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Verbal agreements

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Hi. We'd appreciate some advice on the following:
we have a situation where our tenants had agreed verbally to commit to 3 years in our property; in exchange we would drop the cost over the summer, and drop it by 55 pcm in the long term as well. It was worth it for the security of having these tenants for those 3 years.
We have had a few issues with them and with the property over the last few months: there has been rising damp (they were slow to notify us, so it was halfway up one wall before we saw it- we did deal with it right away though) and the bathroom suite (the toilet wasn't flushing properly, so our plumbers had a look and realised the whole pipe system needs re-setting). We have bent over backwards to accommodate them however, as they wanted to be in the house whenever any work was being done; to wait until after exams (they are married students) before additional work etc.
But today they gave notice, after just 2 years. We have replied by saying that they can get out of the contract if they pay us the money we have lost through agreeing to a deal that no longer stands due to their reneging on it.
Are we on solid ground with this? We have a signed tenancy agreement, but only a verbal contract as regards the 3 years.
04/05/2014 18:39

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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