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I have just been informed by some tenants that another tenant in the property has been stealing from them and causing a general nuisance. They informed me that they know he has drug problems and until recently had been in recovery. Apparently he was recently admitted to rehab' but left and is in active addiction and he is stealing from them to feed his habit. His girlfriend had been paying the rent for him, however, she has now left and he is unemployed and unable to pay his rent. The other tenants are worried he will not leave and will have to give their notice as the situation has become unacceptable at the property. The property is a 4 bedroom house, each tenancy is for the room only, with access granted to all common areas. What would be the quickest and most advisable route to take in order to achieve eviction and which grounds should I include. He is only 1 week behind with the rent. I served a Section 21 (1)(b) on him at start of tenancy (2 years ago). I have advised the other tenants to report the thefts to police, however, although they know he is responsible, they seem unable to provide proof that he has been the culprit.
19/05/2014 14:20

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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