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Advice please on this guarantor mess

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Hi all - although I am a landlord this has nothing to do with my tenants but is about a friends daughter. Basically the student letting agent she has used has paid a deposit back to someone incorrectly and is refusing to do anything about it. Here is the story as I understand it - any comments would be welcome.

6 girls (including my friends daughter) signed a contract on a house last year, then before moving in 2 girls dropped out. One found a replacement but one (Miss x) did not. When the remaining girls came to pick up the keys, the letting agents told them they would have to cover Miss Xs share of the deposit, worth 250. At the time, the letting agent taking the money apparently made a note of the names of those who had paid this money but the agent now denies this.

In March, a new tenant moved into the room left vacant by Miss x, and paid the agents his 250 deposit to do so. Given that he was technically replacing Miss x in the flat the agent paid the deposit back to Miss x although in fact she had never paid one. The other tenants then asked Miss x to return this money to them as they had paid in her name and the agents had allowed them to expect it to be given directly back to them.

Miss x has refused to return the deposit to the other girls and the letting agents say they have acted legally, leaving the 4 girls out of pocket. Putting the moral issues aside are the girls in any position to get their deposit back?

18/06/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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