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I have been thinking about rent to rent and rent guarantee setup over the last few days again as a neighbour of mine was considering guaranteed rent scheme ,he has no letting experience and asked me as he knows I am a landlord .i basically said to him what has been said above that personally I would not touch it with a barge pole as I prefer to keep control ,even using an agent would be a less worse option but I would be interested to hear anyone who has experience of this

There was a very informative article on landlord today a few months back I will post the link below ,it includes a very interesting blog post also by Giles Peaker . Also I spoke yesterday with Gareth Archer of Bury Walkers who also helps us out on private landlord directory and it seems the general consensus is that until there is some kind of test case then there is no definitive answer to questions regarding ending of landlords responsibilities eg deposit protection cp12 hMO's etc within a rent guarantee scheme .

As an example Northwood offer a rent guarantee and structure it around the landlord entering into a corporate let with their limited company as I understand it this would not release the landlord from his obligations and is a very different thing from a well drawn up commercial lease leaving property owners wide open to potential prosecution .

Most rent to rent companies seem to work along a similar model and although as they point out they have been doing this for over a decade in some cases this does not take into account changes in legislation that have been introduced in recent years .

Personally I can't square the circle with these schemes and looking at it from a landlords point of view would not like to be that person whom a test case was brought against but as with all lawyers you put two of them in a room together and get three opinions. I have searched RLA site for further opinion on this but have only found some very old forum posts although I may have missed it .
16/06/2014 10:36

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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