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Existing tenants in an HMO?

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Hello there,
We have just completed on a licenced HMO and have inherited 3 tenants, 2 of which are working and one is on benefits.
All 3 have a basic AST that states a term agreed of 6 weeks, two finished last month and the other was from early 2013 - they all pay their rent weekly.
Question 1:- There is a lot of tidying and decorating to be done at the property and we would like to make a start - can we do works giving the tenants notice when we will be in the property to carry out the decorations and improvements?
Question 2:- Can we serve notice to the tenants and if so how much notice needs to be given as they are weekly agreements - does this have any implication or do we still need to give 2 months notice from date of agreement?
Question 3;- All of the agreements have expired, as new owners are we entitled or obliged to get the tenants to sign new agreements if they are staying?
Question 4;- the previous landlord did not take any deposits. We do take deposits - are we able to do this as part of the new agreement?

Advice and guidance is appreciated

Thank you
23/06/2014 12:50

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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