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We had some tenants that asked to end the tenancy early. We agreed and they signed a deed of surrender agreeing to pay the agents fees covering the period beyond the date the property was vacated (ie fees we incurred for the period they were not paying rent) and also a professional clean.

They vacated the property 31st March. Within the 10 days the agents wrote to the tenants proposing deductions agreed in the deed of surrender plus the cost of a professional clean (which had not to my knowledge been carried out, and we did not have time to commission ourselves).

Despite chasing, they have never communicated and ignored all the emails since and only just replied now, 6th July. They are disputing the charges. What is the position when they didn't respond for over three months?

They haven't produced any receipt for professional cleaning, but the property was left in good condition. My main concern with this is that the new tenants might use this to argue the condition of the property on move in was not sufficiently good for them to have to do a professional clean either. So if we want to return the property to that standard, we have no option but to pay for it ourselves.

Please advise the legal position.


07/07/2014 18:33

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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