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Periodic Tenancy - New Tenancy Agreement

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I have never put any of the rents up in our properties and would like to give a few months notice to our tenants that we intend to. The tenants who's rents I propose to increase are all on Statutory Periodic Tenancys and have been for many years.

I have seen the Section 13 form but am also wondering whether instead it would be a good idea to renew the tenancy agreement and increase the rent at the same time. If I do this would it be okay to send a letter to the tenants giving them say, 3 months notice of my intention (so they can give notice instead if they wished to do so). Can I then renew the tenancy on any date as long as it is on the same date of any month that the rent is paid?

i.e if the original tenancy agreement was 01.06.2010 until 31.05.2011 can I say renew the tenancy with a new agreement from 01.01.2015 and not have to wait until 01.06.2015?

Also, is it ok to insert the original deposit amount in the deposit section of the new tenancy agreement?

Thanks for your help
05/08/2014 14:07

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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