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Agent doing bare minimum

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We have been using the same agent for years and have always had a professional rapport, however recently they seem to be lacking urgency in dealing with issues which have arisen with tenants.

Our agent only informed us of one tenant's arrears when they were coming up to 3 months in arrears. Granted - We should have noticed the money missing from our account ... however I had been working full time for the first time in ten years and so left everything to the agent. (which is what I pay them for). Historically we used to get a letter informing us when a tenant was 2 weeks in arrears and what actions were being taken.

Also, the agent tells us that there is nothing they can do about the fact that the same tenant has a dog and boyfriend staying with her other than to send reminders that she is in breach of contract. Is this the case or should they be proactively inspecting the property and asking the tenant to remove the dog? ...and shouldn't they still be chasing the arrears? The tenant is being evicted in any case and the agent says that the best we can hope for is that she leaves without making a mess!

Also, We haven't had statements since February for any of our properties... Again I should have chased this earlier but have been so busy with new job.

I have sent emails querying the lack of urgent action re arrears and statements but they have replied avoiding the complaints. Is there a legal obligation to deal with arrears quicker than when the tenant is 3 months in arrears?

I feel like setting up my own agency as I have 2 tenants which I manage who were in arrears but whom I chased effectively... why can't agents do this?

Any advice appreciated.

01/09/2014 17:30

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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