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We are at the above stage of gaining possession of our property and I am filling the form N5B, the AST having run out and a S21b served previously. My concern is what addresses I should put down for the claimants (my wife and I).
We have moved from our previous house (the one the estate agent and tenants have) and set up a postal redirect so the address is still effective for normal mail but not for mail requiring signatures. We are now both in separate temporary accommodation whilst trying to get our property back but we have not informed the tenants or the estate agents of the new addresses.
I do not want my forms to be rejected because two new addresses have been provided but the tenants were not informed. Do the courts send mail by normal first class or do they send mail which will require signatures? If they only send mail normally then I propose to use my old address for both my wife and I. Other options would include entering my wife as the previous address but providing my new temporary address and asking any notices to be served to me.
Any thoughts and comments with this technicality would be welcome
A troubled landlord
16/09/2014 22:48

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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