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Hi we've had a tenant leave a property which was at the time unknown to ourselves. She apparently left at the end of May her rent was up to date then stopped and we've not received anything since then although she was in contact, reported some minor maintenance issues and told us she was sorting the rent out this carried on till mid Aug! I'd been in regular contact with her and as she'd recently had a baby and was on maternity leave she told me she'd submitted a HB claim, which was the delay and sounded plausible. When I contacted the LA they eventually informed me she was no longer living there but claiming elsewhere since end May. I pulled her on this and she apologised stating her sister had moved in on 1 June and would be taking over the rent, I informed our tenant that this was unacceptable we should have been asked, her sister should have applied for the tenancy and did not have a tenancy agreement, there was also the issue of deposit, she wanted to transfer over her deposit to her sisters name. To maintain a tenancy I sent her sister an AST to sign, mid August by this point! We've just received it but still no rent/deposit. This is a hard situation, we want the property vacated now and this tenant has by the sounds of it been living there since June albeit unknown by us. How do we go about getting possession without having to wait 2 months for rent arrears - unofficially she is in arrears 4 months? She is not communicating at all - this is really frustrating and not a situation of our own choice. any advice would be appreciated.
27/09/2014 19:54

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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