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Paying off non payers?

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After reading lots of posts about non payers, I keep hearing a lot of 'pay 'em off, it'll we be easier in the long run" type of advice. Whilst I can see the advantage of this tactic,( you want to get them out and re-let your property) I'm left wondering what are the chances of ever seeing any money owed from tenants to who are in arrears?

I have two problem HB tenants without deposits(long story) in a house which I'm in the process of evicting.
One has mental health issues but is finally up to date on his rent after several months of messing about.
The other has had his HB diverted to him and told us he had a job. He's nearly 3 months in arrears now. My next to useless agent contacted HB who say he's still claiming. Firstly, is that rent fraud?

So my question is this. Is there any chance of me getting any of the eviction costs, damage costs and rent arrears from these two reprobates via the small claims courts(even if it's at 1 a week for ten years)?
Do HB deduct at source from people who owe fines/court fees and if so, what's the procure for this? Small claims/bailiffs?
And if I take the 'pay 'em off' route. What's the going rate - One months rent?

Thanks in advance .
21/10/2014 15:36

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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