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Advice on Damp and Mould

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I work for a letting agency and we have a student property where the tenants have recently reported an issue in 4 bedrooms with mould growth, the mould was quite serve and the tenants were re-located for 4 days while a damp specialist dealt with the problem, this could have been caused by the way the tenants were living b example drying wet clothes on radiators and not ventilating the bedrooms, this has not yet been confirmed.

All the effected walls have been treated and re-plastered. The plaster is now drying out and is ready to be repainted within the next day or so. A tenants father is demanding that the alternative accommodation is extended for a further 7 days claiming the property is "unfit" to occupy.

I have spoken with housing standards and they have said from the information given they would agree that the property is intact fit for occupancy and that there should be no reason for the tenants to move back in. The tenants are claiming that air moisture levels will still be high in the property therefore they are not prepared to move back in.

Any advice on this would be really helpful. I will be speaking with environmental health tomorrow to seek additional advice.

Thanks in advance.
30/10/2014 22:23

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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