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Tenancies (Reform) Bill on retaliatory (revenge) evictions fails

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Read on for the RLA's take on matters:

Sarah Teather MP’s Private Members’ Bill, seeking to ban so-called retaliatory evictions by limiting landlords’ use of section 21 notices, has failed to win enough support in the House of Commons today.

The Bill ran out of time, after only 60 MPs voted on a procedural motion to put the Bill to a vote. 100 MPs are required for such a motion to succeed. It now drops to the bottom of the order for Private Members’ Bills and has no chance of proceeding.

Commenting on the Bill’s failure RLA chairman, Alan Ward said:

“The RLA do not condone revenge evictions and want to see effective action to drive criminal landlords out of the private rented sector. However, this Bill was badly drafted and missed its target. It would have punished good landlords and allowed bad tenants, savvy with their rights, to play the system.

“There is now an opportunity for the campaign groups to work with landlord representatives and local authorities to come up with a workable solution to tackle the small minority who practice retaliatory eviction.

“Enforcement of current regulations is key. The RLA has already discussed ways in which councils can identify those landlords who operate under the radar with ministers, MPs and local government representatives.

“We can work together to ensure councils have the tools they need to tackle bad landlords and retaliatory eviction without undermining good landlords and landlord-tenants relations.”
28/11/2014 17:17

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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