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Advice on early notice to quit

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Accidental llord
Accidental llord
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Note for RLA: I sent you this message yesterday, but did not click the box to put it on the member forums so I'm reposting it as I would be grateful for anyone's advice.

Here's my message:

I received a notice to quit email from my tenants yesterday (Thurs 27 Nov). They signed a 12 month assured shorthold tenancy agreement on 1 February 2014 which ends on 1 February 2015. In their email they say that they want to leave by January 2nd 2015. I had a look at the tenancy agreement and the break clause states:

'The landlord and the tenant have the right to terminate the Tenancy by giving no less than 60 days advance written notice… Such notice is to be served by hand, first class post or recoded delivery to the other party to determine the tenancy…'

So there’s at least two issues:
• They have not given me due notice
• They gave me notice by email

In their notice to quit email, the tenants also list a number of ‘issues’ with the property, presumably to protect themselves ahead of the inventory inspection/check-out.

I’m not quite sure what to do (I have not responded yet). To date the tenants have been quite cooperative and I am not overly fussed about them leaving early, but I think that I should seek advice before making a decision as I'm conscious that I must protect my interests.

I would be grateful for some advice.

Many thanks
29/11/2014 11:01

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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