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Michelle R
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A tenant has just been reviewed under the new LHA rules and her rent has decreased drastically. This is due to

a) no longer receiving the difference between LHA Rate and Rent (max 15 p/w), which has helped with b)
b) non-dependant living with tenant and therefore a reduction of 18.80 p/w,
c) no five bed allowance, and the reduction of other rates.

Would Housing Benefit consider a Section 13 to increase the rent even though they have just processed their annual review of this tenant, or would this only be considered in another year's time? As I wondered if I could increase the rent to the LHA rate of a four bed (which it is currently falling short), then with the non-dependant reduction this may almost even it out?

Also wondered if it was worth issuing a new tenancy agreement with the non-dependant named, as I wondered if they could claim for a room?

Tenant has massive arrears due to hospitalisation of youngest child, and we are really trying to work with her, so thinking if the non-dependant could claim also this would bring the arrears down much quicker.


(posted this previously to the landlord forum in error, meant to send via helpdesk)

24/05/2011 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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