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Hi everyone,

I've just been reading the proposed Selective Licensing Scheme conditions which are due to come into effect in Liverpool on 1st April 2015. Most of the conditions are pretty standard and don't present any problems however I do have some concerns. The conditions are as follows:

The licence holder must (1)produce to the Council an annual gas safety certificate for the premises
and must:-

(2) Keep electrical appliances and furniture let with the property in a safe condition and provide a declaration as to the safety of such appliances and furniture must be provided to the Council on application.
(I assume this means that we now have to carry out an annual electrical safety check as well as a gas safety check? Can they demand this even though it is not a legal requirement)?

(3) Fit and maintain smoke alarms as necessary.
(Am I correct in thinking this is not currently a legal requirement but 'adviseable'? I do have smoke alarms in my properties so its not a problem for me but could be an additional cost to other landlords - particularly those with large portfolios).

(4) Issue tenants with a written tenancy agreement that includes terms and conditions regarding nuisance and anti-social behaviour.
(This for me is potentially the greatest problem - Does this mean that we will have to issue completely new tenancy agreements if our current AST's do not include this)?

(5) Demand references from prospective tenants.
(Whilst this is standard practice surely it is not a legal requirement)?

At present I only have one property with tenants so its not massive increase in my workload but as my tenants are in arrears I will struggle to find the license fee (circa 500 per property TBA).

There is also a proposed penalty of 20K per property for any landlords who fail to obtain a license and comply with these conditions!

I would be interested to hear from Landlords who are already subject to selective licensing how this compares with their schemes.



10/12/2014 16:56

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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