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Sleeping tenant and maintenance

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Confused Landlord
Confused Landlord
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Hello all,

I had a bit of a strange situation the other day and one which confused me as to my rights/obligations.

By mutual consent (tenant and I) an appointment was made for my builder to do some maintenance at a given date and time. She mentioned that she would be out that weekend and said it wouldn't be a problem for him to enter. When my builder arrived at the property and having no answer at the door confirming her absence he proceeded to enter the flat. When he got to the flat door he could clearly hear someone snoring inside. He proceeded to knock on the door and ring the door bell to get the persons attention but no one responded. Neither did she respond to her phone when he tried to call her. As a result he didn't enter the property to do the works and I got a call out charge for nothing.

I reminded the tenant of the missed appointment due to the circumstances above but she mentioned that no one had refused entry (but admitted there was someone sleeping inside).

Now I'm confused what should have happened in that circumstance. Should he have entered the property and continued with the repairs? Should he have enetered the property and woken the person up? Or did he do the right thing in this instance?

Thanks for your help.

12/12/2014 15:48

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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