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Hi all,
Has anyone tried checking with the home office regarding a tenant's right to rent? It is a nightmare!!!

I called the home office to check before I rented to a family who have just arrived in the country. I was passed from pillar to post, each time being given a different number to call, of course after having to listen to " press this and press that" at each stage. I finally got to the right number which was the FOUTRH number. A "Dunce" tried to fob me off claiming I had called the wrong department. After giving her a piece of my mind, she then "toddles off " to get advise from somebody else. After a few to and fros, she came back to say she could not divulge any information on the tenants as I was not in the right post code because this rule is currently only operating in certain parts of the country.

My question is, what is so wrong with giving me the information NOW that I have finally managed to get to the right department? What happens when the scheme reaches my area? Do I then have to check again, or will I be prosecuted should the people not be entitled to be here?

My point is, I have had a couple apply for tenancy in the past with what seemed to be a genuine visa, It was easy then for me to check with the home office, because long before this new legislation, I have always checked my tenants' passports for identification and had my doubts about this particular couple as they seemed very "iffy." I found they were not entitled to be in the country.People are easily able to obtain false passports and visas these days. Now that there is this proposal for landlords to do their own checks, It seems the home office have employed robots to to give information to landlords.

What happened to the home office minister who employed an illegal immigrant as a cleaner? She did not live in the areas that are affected currently, so why was she targeted?

Can the home office make up their minds and make life easier for landlords!!! That is one less task we can do without!!. I will be getting on to my MP ASAP!!
13/12/2014 09:26

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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