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I had a family renting my property from 2010 to Sept this year. They were introduced to me by my local council good tenants scheme (this scheme initally covered the tenants bond for the first 12 months). From day one they ended up in arrears being a month late paying their first months rent.(alarm bells should have rang then I know but I was kind hearted).By November 2013 they were 2400 in arrears so I issued a section 8 notice, I had collected 400 deposit at 20 per month only 2/3rds of their monthly rentover a 20month period. This was placed in the DPS protection scheme when the 400 amount was finally accrued. I drew up an agreement with the tenants which they signed agreeing to this form of deposit accruel. On giving me notice to quit I inspected the property and they had redecorated without my permission (dark purple). I informed them that if they returned the decor back to the original (to a good standard then I would return the Deposit + by this time they were actually 415 in advance with there rent.
They made an absolute mess of the redecorating which cost 1600 to put right. Now thanks to Shelter's advice they are taking legal action to secure 3xthere deposit plus their overpaid rent. I was working out of the country when their deposit was protected so had to furnish them with DPS prprescibed information via the DPS internet link. I recieved an email responce at the time saying they understood fully regarding their deposit. Will I end up paying 3 x the deposit back or could Sheter be giving the wrong advise ???
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27/12/2014 16:02

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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