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Live-in Landlord - what if nothing in writing?

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QUESTION: What are the risks or issues with not having something in writing when it's a live-in lodger.

The background and the detail:

I've seen friends having live-in lodgers with success (my current partner does it - they live upstairs in a spare bedroom) with nothing in writing.

I, too, have had a lodger approx 5 years ago with nothing in writing. Paid cash weekly.

The understanding is that "it's my home, therefore the person staying has minimal rights apart from a reasonable notice period of upto 1 month, but probably 1 week given they pay weekly"

My flat's available with 3 bedrooms, but because of the rights of tenants if I don't move in, and my adversity towards risk and cannot afford a protracted eviction process (there's a mortgage to pay and this is my only property in the world - it was my home, and I need to keep it that way), I'm just going to live there (one of the bedrooms will be mine with my things in it) and I'll rent the other two out.

I don't wish there to be any written agreements. Just pay, you can stay, and if you don't, here's 1 weeks' notice, maybe 1 month. The two lodgers will be independent to halve my risk (e.g. if a family unit, say two sisters, they can both refuse to budge and stay put)

Historically when I've needed a lodger out and they've refused to budge (only happened once), i've phoned the police, they've asked, "Whose property is it?" I've answered, "Mine 100%" and the lodger has been threatened with arrest should they not move, as they're contributing to the breach of the peace and I have the right to enjoy my home peacefully, and it's not me who should be moving out of my own home. It worked, the lodger moved into a hotel that same night and my problem was gone.

21/01/2015 10:54

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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