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I have let my property for last three years to Two persons. In the first year when the Tenancy commence, the tenant did tell me that he is going find more people to share the accommodation with him. When I spoke to managing Agent, he advised me that I will have to apply for HMO licence, because all the others persons sharing the accommodation are not related to the two persons on the AST. So the Agent applied for the HMO Licence on my behalf. I have Licence for only 5 persons. I have explained the terms and conditions of the licence to my original two tenants and have also given them the copy and put the copy of the Licence on the Notice Board in the common part entrance. The AST is coming for renewal.

  1. On the renewal of the AST should I put the other occupier on the AST? ( Bearing in mind that the additional who will occupy are changing during the AST agreement.)
  2. Can I ask them to reduce the total numbers to comply with the HMO Licence? and if not than can I issue section 21?
  3. Since they moved into the property from year one, the main Tenants have a baby now and the other couple is expecting a baby. Does the baby count in the numbers to occupy?
  4. My Agent or I would not have time to monitor the situation of how many are occupying everyday, so If the main Tenants confirms me in writing to say that there will only be 5 people leaving in total.Should this kind of confirmation give protection to me as a landlord for complying the HMO Licence?


07/06/2019 16:05

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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