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End of tenancy?

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Dear RLA
I wrote to my tenant back in November to advise her that I would be giving her notice as from February 1st 2015 to leave 1st April as i am going to sell the property.
I have also given her a month's notice of wanting to come over to the property to see what I need to do when she leaves on April 1st. She does not want me to come over - I have explained it is the only time I have as I am in between flights from the USA to Spain and will not be back to the UK until the end of March.
She now has said that she may be leaving the UK would I be agreeable for her to stay on until June as it will save her finding somewhere else for a couple of months, in order to sort out 'things' - this will create problems for me!
I have explained my situation to her, that it changes all my plans but if she were prepared to pay the rent from Feb - June 1st up front then I would not have to serve her notice on 1st Feb and it would put my mind at rest should she decide to leave before June, which would leave me in a difficult position as by this stage I have changed all my plans for her!
The question that I have for you, is in order to offer her to stay until June 1st, do I have to terminate the rental on the1st Feb for the 1st April and then issue her a 'short term tenancy' agreement for April and May, ensuring that she pays those 2 months up front?
Can I not issue the end of tenancy notice on the 1st February, ask her to pay the 4 months rental upfront AND
If I do not issue the end of tenancy, as at February 1st do I have to issue her with a short term tenancy agreement for those 4 months?
I appreciate your advice on this situation.
Thank you

23/01/2015 20:07

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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