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Amending tenancy contract to allow one more tenant in property

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I have a tenant whose contract is now in a statutory periodic contract as the minimum term has passed. The tenant has requested permission for his girlfriend to move in with him and as the tenant has been a model tenant for over 1 year, I am ok with this. The contract we use is from RLA, which specifies that only 1 tenant can live in the property. My question is therefore whether it is normally better to essentially make a new contract with the girlfriends name or whether a 'simple' amendment can be done.

My concerns (that I would prefer to avoid if possible) are:

  1. Having to protect a new deposit - though if required, so be it. Would I have to pay the tenant the deposit back and wait for them to pay me back to have a clean record?
  2. Would a new contract therefore also be best advised to include a new inventory (I always use 3rd parties for this and would add £75 costs) to avoid any disputes between the 2 in case things don't work out as everyone hopes?

Anything else I should think of? Or am forgetting to ask?

P.S. He has also requested formal permission for his son (11 yes old) to stay with him for longer periods? Are there specific concerns one need to think about when a child is part of the tenancy (though not named on the tenancy of course)?

10/06/2019 19:13

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