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Mold problems in Bathroom

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I had a call from tenant today that he has mold growth in bathroom wall and ceiling. he had same trouble last year in bathroom and kitchen.Builder cleaned down the walls and ceiling with mold killer last year ,oil primed wall and ceiling , filled the cracks and oil primed it again and decorate the kitchen and bathroom walls and ceiling. This year kitchen has no sign of mold but bathroom has the growth again.
We had inspection of the property on early January this year, we didn't see mold but tenant phoned today saying it only came a week ago.Tenant also saying he has a child and wife is having baby so it will make impact on their health.He is my tenant since 2 and 1/2 years.Builder is saying that when we treat the mold last year, he been advised not to use bathroom for shower for a day or two ,till it get dried but he must have took shower and soapy water didn't let paint to stick to walls properly and it formed cracks again and then lead to mold growth.Obviously i am reading RLA guide for damp. What is the advise for me? if tenant is not opening window and drying clothes on radiator ,if that is the reason of the mold growth, where do i stand? i meant how can i prove it? or how fast i have to treat this mold?i mean from builder's point of view and this year no growth in kitchen indicates that when we treated it ,they shouldn#t take shower in bathroom, and due to their negligence we are facing that trouble again.

i will really appreciate your help!

29/01/2015 21:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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