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Hi All

I Own a flat within a block of flats
The Landlord bought the leases in 2012 and i guess made alterations to suit.
The landlord Regis Group use an agent Pier Management to collect there ground rent and building insurance.
The landlord Regis also owns Pier Management.
Pier Management are very aggressive in charging and collecting admin fees, late payment fees, sub letting fees and put you in the hands of there solicitors without any notice.
In all my years of being in business i have never seen a company so aggressive to fleece there tenants.
Rarely have I come across such a manipulating money grabbing organization especially with buildings insurance.They are professional crooks. We have had to pay crazy late fee charges for bills we haven't received.
They charge over the top for the most basic things and giving little in return.
Cunning and sly.
A £70 insurance fee which i paid by bacs 2 weeks late is with there solicitors who are demanding OVER £500 !
A penalty of £100 was also attached to my account for Ground rent being 4 weeks late
Piers will not allow me to set up a direct debit for future payments.
Piers will not send there invoices by e-mail.
Piers will not now discuss my account,until i settle outstanding arrears (penalty's) with there solicitors.
This company uses every method imaginable to rip people off.They send their invoices ONLY by post,somehow they never reach their destination but the reminders with the heavy penalties arrive promptly by email.
The company reviews online confirm i am not alone, they are professional scammers making a healthy living from long leaseholders.
And its very profitable to them if you pay late,They just pluck figures out of the air! Pier just see long leasehold tenants as a licence to print money A Complete rip off. AVOID
Is there any advice anyone that would be cost effective in dealing with these Bullie Landlords.


12/06/2019 13:32

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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