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serving section 21 afer fixed tenancy ends

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I have read the RLA docs and am pretty sure i now know how to proceed but would be grateful for confirmation that i have understood it correctly. One year tenancy entered into in April 2018 was not renewed in April 2019. I wish to serve section 21 notice. Although the tenancy started on 4th April 2018, rent dates were set at 17th as a favour to the tenant as that was his payday. As the last tenancy commenced after 2015, i believe i can issue the 6A version where only 2 months notice (plus a few days for serving) need be given. I just need confirmation that i do not need to issue notice that ends at least 2 months after the end of a tenancy month (4th day) or at least 2 months after a rent day (17th). Thanks in advance for clarification/ correction

16/06/2019 08:57

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