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A young lady tenant of one child is living in a two bed house of mine, rent paid direct on LHA.

Anyway, the other day she phoned me saying she had lost her key the previous night, it was 4.30pm so I agreed to resolve the matter the next morning. So early next morning I go to the house gain access, as I could see the first floor windows were open I went up to close them. There was a smell I had come across before, in the Attic bedroom I found the Cannabis Farm.

It is a purpose built like internal greenhouse. All the plants had been harvested and cut back to the base. Must have been at least 20 maybe 40 plants. The bedroom is in a right state, there has been massive condensation and damp.

I phoned her, as soon as I mentioned the farm the line went dead and she will not respond to my calls and text. I have taken photos.

I am fully aware that she still has a legal tenancy, my inclination is however is to clear up and relet may cost me 200 to sort that room out but the rest of house is fine she was quite clean and tidy. From experience I will be amazed if I see her again, suspect she only wanted key to get some of her gear out (the property was furnished).

I changed the lock, in case she finds key she will still need to contact me, with the key lost I think it is reasonable to do so, I have not said I wont giver her access or a key if asked.

The young woman must have fell under the influence of someone, I don't wish to ruin her life, maybe put her at risk of the care people with her child, unless I have to.

So am I under a legal obligation to inform the police, If I don't am I complicit and open to possible prosecution myself?

Each week its unpaid by LHA it costs me 121 plus I will be due to pay 20pw Council Tax. (I have 24 properties and pride myself on a 98% occupancy rate per annum.

Sorry about War and Peace, your contributions appreciated ASAP so I can contact Police without delay if appropriate. Thankyou. LL
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07/02/2015 02:32

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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