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Just want to hear others experience to help me decide.

We have a house, converted to to flats, the upstairs one has always been one of those troublesome ones,never had a long term tenant.
The last one was a nightmare,our first Hash grower (failed) and the place left an absolute tip.
We had to completely clean and flea treat and re-carpet throughout.
We got one whose parents live across the road, she seemed OK, we gave her a month free rent to decorate as we were going on holiday, she now has her partner there, all no problem. Her 6 months finishes on 13th February.


The downstairs tenant who is long term - about 3 years, is complaining that a dog is barking in the flat.
Tenant downstairs 'probably' won't move because of it, but he won't be happy.
We did not give permission and she knew there were new carpets as the last tenant had dogs.
I have sent her a text asking if it is a temporary thing, but my query is - would you end the tenancy??
if not what action would you take.
07/02/2015 10:57

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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