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Problem with vermin in neighbouring property

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Purple Lotus
Purple Lotus
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I am wanting some advice regarding a problem with rats.
My tenant reported rats to me 6 days ago and I immediately called a pest control service I have used before. They went out on Monday and did an inspection, told me that the problem lies with next door, who has rats getting in through a smashed grate. My guy told me there is no point treating my property until next door is sorted, which I agree with.
The situation got worse and the traps tenant has put down have caught a few rats this week. I went last night and it is clear that rats are getting into the property from next door, are eating through carpets etc.
I have spoken to environmental health and they wont do anything regarding next door unless their tenant reports it (next door is owned by the council). My tenant has been down in person to speak to environmental health and 2 different housing offices. Eventually, the council accepted my tenants complaint regarding their property.Of course they wont do anything until next week. Council are concerned that their tenant has not reported the rat problem, plus she has children living there.
Of course my tenant is threatening to move, which she doesnt want to do. My tenant has a social worker due to one of her children being disabled, the social worker is trying to find her temporary or alternative accomodation. I can completely understand why my tenant is wanting to move.
I am wanting to know what I can do about it, seen as the council dont seem very interested, all pest control companies I have called wont go out, either because its a weekend or because they know its actually next door causing the problem and putting poison down wont solve my problem. I have a feeling that next door isnt going to let anyone into her property (and I highly suspect she is growing illegal substances in there). If she doesnt let them in, do the council have to go through court for entry? This is isnt going to reach a solution quickly!
I am thinking I should involve the local MP for the area?
14/02/2015 09:23

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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