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On 20/06/2019 a premises was returned to me. (A bailiff attended but it appeared the tenant had left the day before.) The tenant‘s debts are covered by a guarantor. My difficulty is the tenant has left furnishings and possessions which are, along with the premises, quite filthy. I understand I cannot dispose of these items which include a large ottoman type bed with bedclothes splattered with what appears to be blood & excrement. Bedding, duvets and two settees are none to pleasant also. A washing machine, vacuum, storage, cabinets, clothes rail, plus much other miscellaneous junk remains. I understand, if disposed of, these items suddenly become brand new and valuable in the eyes of the law should the tenant return for them.
The thing is I have nowhere to store this junk and cannot get on with restoring the premises to re-let. I could hire storage but doubt if a removals firm would handle the items though I have net approached any.
I have no forwarding address for the tenant. I do have a mobile phone number for both her and her mother
who I have been dealing with mainly. The tenancy agreement did not cover this type of situation.
Are you able to tell me how long I am obliged to look after what she has left behind? And am I obliged to attempt to trace the tenant before I clear her possessions out?

21/06/2019 12:35

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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