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Served section 8 grounds and 1

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I have served a tenant section 8 - for rent arrears (2 months) and also attached ground 1 (as I lived there before).

During our phone conversation I reminded him that his tenancy agreement ends at the end of this month and he agreed to move out then. I want to send him a letter and email now to remind him -

"I am writing to confirm that your offer of Notice in respect of the abovenamed property has been received and your final date of occupancy will be
as follows:" Is this a good idea?

I don't think he really wants to move out despite the fact that he has been accusing me of "neglecting my property". He demands me to pay £800 for his hotel expenses when the boiler was broken (approximately 11 days). And therefore he seems to think it is ok for him not to pay rent because "I owe him money".
I want to wait with issuing any court forms until the end of this month hoping that he will move out. But if he doesn't and the court does not grant me possession due to rent arrears (due to various reasons, he will be defending and accusing me), should I then wait until I can use ground 1 and go to court again?

Please advise.

21/06/2019 22:37

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